Hi all, my full names are Muhammad Hanif Nahara. I was born in Bandung on November 3, 2006. I live in Indonesia. My father works at PLN. My mother works as a housewife. My religion is Islam. My idols are Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Bill Gates. At first I became a programmer, namely from the robot exskul, where I learned how to make a robot and program it.



This is my project. This project uses java language. The way it works is by writing your name then the project will respond. like this


Hey everyone, this is my story. During my vacation I went to Legoland with my mother, my mother freind and me. the weather was dry. In Legoland I was very happy because I could play there. Like how to drive, make robots and others. Besides that, I can look for miniatures made from Lego. until there are miniatures that emit fountains.


Muhammad Hanif Nahara
Digital Creator
Full Name: M. Hanif Nahara Address: Jl.Atletik V No 18 , Bandung, Indonesia Whastapp Number: 085321853579 Email: Instagram: @root_h4n1f